Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Increase Youtube Comments Fast & Free

Increase in Youtube comments if short amount of time is good sign for Youtube that your video is going to be viral and get noticed and eventually develop a fan following.

It's hard to force people to comment on your Youtube video, and sometimes they just don't want to leave a comment. This could be especially hard for beginners who don't have a lot of friends on Youtube or their fanbase on Facebook is low.

When I started to make some video and wanted to get noticed I din't have a clue how to become popular and how to make my videos viral. Then, I heard from one of my friends about great website where you can purchase comments for your videos and actually increase Youtube comments and likes for FREE.

To be honest, I was suspicious about this ... but I had to try. I registered on this website and started to earn some free credits watching videos of other members. You can read about here ... 

Get YouTube Video Views Simply Watching others videos

I left  my computer over night to earn some free credits and when  woke up there was over 20.000 free credits on my account.

Many sites, like YouTube, have set limits to how many times a single user can increase a video's views. This website works by distributing your video for you to thousands of people all across the world. The views you earn are completed by actual people, who are auto-watching videos on our website .

I used this credits to increase Youtube commnets and likes for my videos, so I got over 400 comments and likes for my videos.

You can redeem credits that you have earned in the form of auto-generated comments and "likes". Users completing the auto-comment offer will comment on your video based on our comment database and give your video a thumbs up. The current cost for comments is:
50 credits = 1 comment and / or 1 thumbs up*
*Number of comments is guaranteed but number of thumbs up will be fewer than redeemed because of repeat users. If your video has comments or ratings disabled, your request will be cancelled.
Most of these comments are generic comments but you can choose from various comments types like eneral video compliments, tutorial comments, skill video comments, music video comments or you can write your own custom type of comments.

So far I've tried 7 other sites dedicated to helping you increase your video views so that your video shows up more easily when searched for, and this one has been the best by far, as well as the only one I haven't had to pay for. I highly recommend you try this website because you won't regret it!

Give a try clicking on this link and earn some FREE Youtube Comments and Likes


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