Thursday, June 16, 2011

Get YouTube Video Views Simply Watching others videos

Yes, it's possible to get Youtube video views simply watching others videos, but wait, I assume that you're thinking

WTF ... do I need to sit down in front of my computer and just watch others youtube videos all day long. Are you nuts?
NO, you'll not sit in front of your computer all day long watching some stupid Youtube videos ... all you need to do is to login into your Youtube accounts press button and go out with your girlfriend.


When you'll back you'll find a LOT OF CREDITS in your account to spend it on some COOL videos you produce and to become a YOUTUBE SUPERSTAR :)

THE Process

  • Task: Click the link and leave the page open as it cycles through videos
  • Payout: 3 credits for every 5 seconds of video
Minimal duration of video is 30 seconds, so you will get minimum 18 credits for each video you watched.

Notes: Leave the toolbar window open as it reloads new videos in the video window. The videos should open on the same popup window (If not, please let us know).

Currently, the system is only compatible with Firefox. Please make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled on (Tools > Options > Content > "Exceptions" next to Block Pop-Up Windows).

All you need to do is click on the viewing link and let the page load through videos. Every few seconds,, the link will change and you will earn 3 credits for every 5 seconds of video. Feel free to leave the page open (or minimized) overnight or as you work on your computer. It is suggested that you log out of your youtube account while autowatching.  

This way you can easily get more than 20.000 credits over night. 


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